Barnwood Frames by Steve Roden

Steve Roden makes custom Barnwood Frames. He has lived in West Michigan his entire life and has been working with wood for many years, mostly on objects for the home. His first barn board frame was on a whim for his wife, and it turned out great!

It was then when barnwood frames became the focus of Steve’s work.

Steve Roden’s barnwood frames are all original. Every frame is crafted from barnwood collected by Steve from downed Michigan barns.

Most of the barns from which the wood is collected are around 100 years old. Every barn is unique in color and texture. Every color is natural, no painting or staining has been used. Due to these factors, the supply of each color is sometimes limited and there is variation in some colors. Steve’s Barnwood frames can be made in standard sizes, or any odd size you desire.

"I am a native Michigander; living in West Michigan all my life. I have been working with wood for many years, mostly projects for our home. I actually made my first barn wood frame on a whim for my wife; it was really great……. and that has now become the focus of my work. I still dabble in other projects, maybe some of which will be added to this site, in the future.

Every barn is unique in color and texture; every color is natural, no paint or stain is used. The supply of each color may be limited, and naturally, there is variation in most colors. But I do try to get you the color you desire.

My frames can be made in standard sizes, or any odd size you desire.

I truly enjoy the challenge of matching the wood to your picture."

What People Say About Us:

"Steve Roden makes beautiful barn wood frames. Each one is unique, and his craftsmanship is outstanding. What I appreciate the most is his willingness to work with the artist, and create frames to their individual specifications and needs. And as an additional bonus, they are shipped right to your door in a very timely manner. Unfortunately, it seems rare these days to get such great products and service, but Steve delivers both!"

Michele Zarb

"Steve, I just wanted to write you and let you know how much we love your barnwood frames. Our clients love how each one is unique and is really a work of art in itself. They really add character to our photographs and I’m really excited about offering our clients our work framed in something that was created by a craftsman’s hand in the United States. You package them nicely so they arrive in great condition and your shipping rates are very reasonable. Thanks so much."

Tracy Shaw and Gene Rodman
Montana Photographic Arts |

"I would also like to add my 2 cents about Steve and his barn wood frames. His work is outstanding, the frames are just what we wanted and he has matched them to the artwork exactly. He delivers quality work on time for a very reasonable rate. I couldn’t give him a higher recommendation."

Joe Cabral
New Boston, NH

"My gallery has been framing items with Steve’s frames for over three years now. These frames are wonderful attention-grabbers. The naturally aged 100+ year-old barnwood complements our red rock photographs and paintings perfectly. These frames are well-built, strong and sturdy. I recommend Steve’s frames to anyone looking for a quality frame, especially people who appreciate a rustic and natural look."

Mike Blevins
Pwner, Sedona Green Gallery